Thursday, August 04, 2016


Today is Logan's official due date. Happy 5 weeks little man. We are so happy you came to play with us. AND, big high fives from your mom for arriving early so I wouldn't have to be pregnant through the hottest part of July and August. 

Quieter than the breaths on the monitor of the sleeping child,
Softer than the coos of the baby in your room,
Behind the snoring of two lovable puppies on the floor at the foot of your bed,
Beneath the restful sleep of an exhausted husband, who always makes sure his boys know he loves them,

In those last fleeting moments when awake turns to sleep,
When your eyes close and the exhale of restful peace takes over,
In that exact moment between being awake and being asleep, you hear it.

You can actually hear your heart breaking.

In order for a muscle to grow larger, it first must be used beyond capacity, literally ripped and torn apart. 
The rebuilding, the putting back together, the healing, the growth is what happens when you rest. 
That is what makes it stronger. That is what gives it the capacity for more.

Your heart breaks as the final letting go of anything else that matters in the world, 
as a release to realize there has become something in your life more important than the rest. 
A release of yourself before these two little people entered your life, and how you will never be the same, and how you’re better for it.

And the tears fall, not from your eyes, but tears from your heart, as if to wash away all the worries you could ever have, 
and prepare you for all the worries you never knew you could have.

So in order to become larger, to allow for more room, to contain all those extra worries and hand out all that extra love,
your heart first must break.

This may be the first time, but never the last.

I can’t think of two better reasons. 

Backlog of Blogs

So with Logan coming 5 weeks early, I have a backlog of blogs. However, if I was on top of my game in the first place, these would have been done.

I took more pictures of being pregnant this time around than with Grant, mostly because I knew it was the last time. Thought I'd share to show what we all already know, that it takes 9 months to grow a human, and at least 9 months to get back to fighting shape after said human exits the body. I am definitely not trying to be Princess Kate being photographed on the steps of the hospital just hours after giving birth, nor Heidi Klume who walked in a Victoria's Secret runway show 6 weeks after giving birth. What I will try to be, what I need to be, is a mom capable of keeping up with (and hopefully 2 steps in front of) 2 boys, who will, for the rest of my life, push the envelope, run me ragged, and strive to beat me at everything. That's their job. It's my job to keep up.

22 weeks

 32 weeks, all dressed up for trivia night. I will say, this is my all-time favorite maternity dress and I am sad to see it go. The funny part is the larger my stomach got, the shorter the dress became. Nothing like a pregnant lady walking around town in a miniskirt.

33 weeks - also, it is really hard to make a good smiling face while taking a picture.

34 weeks

This picture was lucky. I took the picture on the left on Tuesday, June 28th. After having Logan on Thursday the 30th, I took another picture (on the right) on Saturday to show 2 days before birth and 2 days after birth. If you read the previous blog, this is still a few days before the "firetruck incident". 

1 week after birth - and up and walking around after the "firetruck incident"

 This was taken in our friend's backyard at their Kentucky Derby party in May. 

Mom and Grant

Big Brother
Before Logan arrived, the weather was great and Grant and I were staying busy outside playing, trying to squeeze in the last of the "only child" moments before we turned Grant's world upside down.

 Lunch outside on our little picnic table.

 Learning to blow bubbles...and learning that Ollie likes to chase and pop the bubbles.

Spraying ourselves with water, which is funny because it is the same sprayer I use on school days to comb his hair and he fights me on it, but we go outside and it is the best game ever.

 Ollie snuggles while we play our counting fish game.

 We like to "paint" the driveway with water and brushes. Check out the wind in his hair.

 Morning snuggles.

Took him to the train store where you can play with the train tables and then beg your parents to buy you something. Yes, he played. Yes, we bought him something, and he slept the whole way home.

And no, I would never give you a blog without pictures of all our men. Here's one of my favorites.

Until next time, keep exploring!

Love and hugs,
M, K, G, L, T & O